Waste Management

Waste Management

RFID is increasingly being used by municipalities and waste haulers to enhance operations, increase efficiencies, and help communities become more environmentally responsible. With Pay-As-You-Throw programs on the rise, RFID offers an automated process for logging and weighing each bin as the waste is thrown into the truck, tracking customer usage and determining route efficiencies. 

BOS offers a complete, turnkey waste management system based on RFID to municipalities and waste management organizations. Waste haulers using the BOS system gain vast improvements in cost savings, overall management and control of day-to-day operations. The BOSWaste management system is comprised of RFID hardware (tags on the bins, mobile readers on the trucksBOS'RFID server, and several proprietary software modules designed specifically to help waste management organizations, including:

  • Waste cart module, responsible for identifying and managing statistics and data for each bin
  • Dispatch management module, which supplies statistics on a daily basis from the vehicle, and reports on routes and problems
  • Trucks management module
  • Reports center module
  • Clients management module, which enables residents to extract updated data via the Internet
  • Billing and weight modules

Waste hauling organizations gain complete oversight on waste removal operations, in real-time, including data on garbage trucks, bins, and workers, and on-the-fly problem-solving and management of bin maintenance. Furthermore, the system assists in determining optimal routes for the trucks, enabling significant cost-savings due to better resource planning and less gasoline required.

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