Equipment maintenance

Equipment maintenance

Equipment maintenance  (Enlarge)

BOS' turnkey RFID equipment maintenance program is a full solution consisting of smart RFID tags for the equipment, mobile handheld readers, the RFID BOServer and BOS' proprietary software applications. This integrated system is ideal for managing and controlling the maintenance for safety and medical equipment such as fire extinguishers and other live-saving devices.

For example, current fire regulations stipulate that that fire safety equipment must be maintained in an efficient state, in working order and in good repair. Maintenance on fire extinguishers includes checking for worn-out extinguishers that may not have been reported as used, checking that anti-tamper tags are in place, and checks that the fire extinguishers themselves are physically in good condition and ready for use.

With a fully-deployed BOS RFID system, fire and rescue departments, hospitals and other organizations gain a full picture of all of their equipment maintenance needs. Special reports on maintenance and preventive handling are easily generated. Maintenance work plans can be created, and management can be alerted to equipment failures and other problems. Organizations can also use the system to analyze and optimize information on equipment usage, and all information can be imported to and exported from other maintenance and equipment systems.

How it Works
Each piece of safety equipment is marked with a smart RFID tag that identifies the equipment and stores information about its maintenance plan. A special handheld device reads the information from the RFID tag, and the reader can then determine if the equipment requires maintenance, preventive handling or any other treatment. All of the information is then relayed back to the RFID BOServer, which filters the data to the software applications that create reports and send alerts.

Our equipment maintenance program offers firehouses, hospitals, emergency medical services and other organizations a number of benefits, including:

  • Increasing readiness for emergency situations
  • Broadening information on the current state of the equipment
  • Reduction in maintenance resources
  • Cost savings through preventative maintenance

For more information on how BOS can help your organization deploy RFID for equipment maintenance, click here.

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