Vehicle management

Vehicle management

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BOS offers unique and enhanced RFID solutions for a variety of transportation-related settings, such as auto vehicle testing centers, public and company parking lots, industrial factories, and automobile dealers, importers, or distributors. By using RFID tags on the vehicles, BOSolution enables companies, government transportation agencies, and law enforcement officials in the transportation field to effectively manage, track, support and plan all day-to-day vehicle-related activities. Potential applications include tracking vehicles through the various stations of a testing center, payment tracking for public parking area, fleet management, vehicle access control inside factories or ports, and vehicle inventory in a variety of settings.

For example, BOS offers RFID systems for auto vehicle testing centers in which an RFID sticker can be attached to the car in order to track and record the inspection stations which the car has already passed, which repairs need to be made, as well as data on the final inspection approvals. This data can be stored for years on the RFID tag, and serve as an effective log of the car's history for future owners, as well as for insurance and law enforcement purposes. 

BOS also offers its RFID vehicle management solutions to trucking fleets, bus operators, automobile dealers, importers, and distributors, providing complete, real-time inventory management for their stock. In these cases, RFID can be used to improve customer or passenger service, track spare parts, identify unusual defects in the vehicles, identify problematic customers, monitor drivers, and effectively manage the fleet.

Parking lot operators can use BOS' RFID solution to enable automatic payment, access to the lot for authorized vehicles, or a variety of other access control and payment activities.

How it works
Each vehicle is tagged with an RFID transponder. As vehicles pass through a certain section of the lot or test center, the transponder sends data to the reader located on a gate. Through the reader's antenna, all information about the vehicle is passed to the server, which filters and processes the data. The BOS RFID Controller records all movement and actions of the tag, the antenna, and the reader. For fleet management, as in the case of an automobile importer who needs real-time information on what is happening in distributed locations outfitted with RFID gate readers around the country, the readers can provide reports any time the vehicle passes through the entry gate of each location. For law enforcement purposes, police can be equipped with mobile RFID readers that can read data on a vehicle's RFID tag, and then corroborate the data with a central server.

With BOS' real-time RFID transportation solutions, information can be linked into the existing ERP system, enabling real-time, online alerts, data analysis and management, and inventory control. Information on all vehicle maintenance, such as cleaning, checks for repairs, and gasoline refills is automatically recorded.

With the turnkey BOSolution for transportation-related settings, fleet operators, test centers, law enforcement, dealers and distributors benefit in several ways in their day-to-day operations. The system enables:

  • Full information on vehicle location and movements, in real time
  • Ability to track a vehicle's progress through a test center and view data on the vehicle's testing and accident history (for test centers and law enforcement agencies)
  • Inventory management and control of out-of-stock, resulting in improved customer service (for dealers and distributors)
  • Real-time management of activities such as passenger ticketing, fuel control, and route control (for bus fleets)
  • Greater preparedness for defects and vehicle maintenance plans
  • Customized reports on fleets, response times, and other performance indicators
  • Efficient routing and lower fuel costs (for fleet operators)
  • Prevention of unauthorized vehicle use in industrial settings
  • Assistance in recovery of stolen vehicles

For more information on how BOS can help your organization implement an RFID system for vehicle management, click here.

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