Waste management

Waste management

Waste management  (Enlarge)

BOS offers a complete, turnkey waste management system based on RFID to municipalities and waste management organizations. Waste management organizations using the BOS system gain vast improvements in cost savings, overall management and control of day-to-day operations.

The BOS RFID waste management system is comprised of RFID hardware (tags on the bins, mobile readers on the trucks), BOS' RFID server, and several proprietary software modules designed specifically to help waste management organizations. The solution contains:

  • Waste cart module, responsible for identifying and managing statistics and data for each bin
  • Dispatch management module, which supplies statistics on a daily basis from the vehicle, and reports on routes and problems.
  • Trucks management module, which contains data on the trucks themselves
  • Reports center module, which creates and manages reports
  • Clients management module, which manages client/resident files, and enables residents to extract updated data via the Internet.
  • Billing module, which enables billing based on weight of the bin
  • Employee module, which helps manages the trash collectors
  • Weight module, responsible for weighing the bins

How it works
Each waste bin is equipped with a RFID tag, and each garbage collection truck is equipped with a mobile reader, antenna and sensor. When the truck lifts up the bin to dump its garbage, the reader identifies the bin, relays information about it back to the RFID BOServer, and the server filters and processes the data. Via the different software modules, the waste management organization receives reports which help analyze the efficiency of the operation.

With BOS' turnkey real-time waste management solution, municipalities and waste management organizations gain:

  • Complete oversight on waste removal operations, in real-time, including data on garbage trucks, bins, and workers
  • On the fly problem-solving and management of bin maintenance
  • Improved municipal services for residents, with details on when their bins will be emptied
  • Ability to determine optimal routes for the trucks, enabling significant cost-savings for the municipality due to better resource planning and less gasoline required
  • Ability to track subcontractor and dumpsite charges, as well as taxes

To find out how BOS can help implement an advanced RFID solution for waste management for your organization, click here.

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