BOS has a long history of working within the defense industry, both in North America and internationally. Manufacturers of military aircrafts have a complex supply chain which must comply with a number of regulations.

BOS' subsidiary, BOS – Odem Ltd., is a leading electronics components consolidator to the defense industry. BOS sources, packages, and stocks a wide variety of electro-mechanical and electronic components, sub-systems, and spare parts for market leaders such Israel Military Industries (IMI), Elbit, Elta, Israel Aircraft Industries and several of its divisions, Teshen, Asselsan, and Aeronautics, among others.

BOS, through its subsidiaries, is an approved supplier to the US Department of Defense, the Israeli Ministry of Defense, and compliant with ISO standards. For its customers in the defense industry, BOS enables simplified purchasing and procurement procedures, allowing them to focus on their core competencies. By stocking the parts, BOS helps its customers reduce lead times to enable "Just-in-Time" delivery, reduce equipment financing costs through centralized management of the stock, and enable deeper discounts in components pricing due to greater purchasing power. BOS also assists in sourcing obsolete and difficult-to-find components.

In addition to its supply chain services, BOS' RFID and mobile integration offerings can improve asset tracking and manage real-time business data for defense contractors, crucial to following military regulations. Manufacturers of defense-related products are increasingly turning to RFID as a means to facilitate quick maintenance on faulty parts and track components, as well as to gain a complete, real-time view of their supply chain. Since the US Department of Defense issued its mandate in 2005 that each item sold must be marked with a passive RFID tag, defense industry suppliers and manufacturers are increasingly seeking RFID solutions that will enhance asset visibility, create efficiencies in inventory management and save costs.

BOS' years of experience offering supply chain solutions to the defense industry, coupled with its expertise in assembling and implementing RFID systems, makes it an ideal partner for defense-related companies seeking to cut costs, improve their margins and enhance customer service and efficiency.


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